HotStreak’s Latest Product Updates - Winter 2023

At HotStreak, we aim to offer the latest in daily fantasy products and features that customers can’t find elsewhere.

The HotStreak team has been busy cranking out updates. We’re focused on providing the best experience for players and listening to what they want.

We ship updates to the app so often that it's hard to keep track of all of them.

So here are some of the major recent updates:

Round Robin Flex Payouts

Customers want more options on how to make their entries. We’ve offered a feature called Round Robin that allows customers to split up their entry. For example, if you have an entry with 4 different players and select “Flex Payouts”, you can split the entry into 4 different entries made up of 3 of the 4 players. This would ensure that even if one of the players does not hit, you would still win 1 of the 4 entries. You can also click on each player to see how your entry would perform if each player does or doesn’t hit.

Boosted Markets

Everyday, HotStreak selects certain players that will get an extra 33% payout boost. Customers can choose any of the ten boosted players that day. You can choose as few as two or as many of them as you want. As long as your ticket is composed of just those boosted players, you’d get a 33% boost. For example, if your payout was originally $100, you’d instead get $133.

New Wallet Payouts

Everyone likes to get paid, right? HotStreak changed the way we process payouts and withdrawals to make it faster and simpler for users. Now, customers will get their payouts in one payment instead of multiple payments. And they will get them much faster. Typically, customers will now get their payouts within one business day. Customers have really liked this change.

‍Injury Insurance

Injuries are an unfortunate but inevitable part of sports, and they have profound impacts on team performance and daily fantasy as well. This year has been a bad one for injuries in the NBA. So what happens if you select a player and they get injured during the game?

In November, we added injury insurance so that your entry is protected against injury. If a player you selected is injured during the first half of the game and doesn’t return and they cost your ticket, you will get refunded.

Julius Randle

Stats View

We added a Stats View for each player. This gives customers a way to do research on players before making an entry. The charts show a player’s performance and potential for each stat category. First, it lists the player’s performance in that particular stat for the last five games and the average of that stat for the last five games. It also includes a chart of the potential outcomes of the player’s stat in that game.

We have much more to come on stats that will give customers new ways to research players and stats from many different angles.

New Stat Categories for NBA and NFL

Fans are always interested in more stat categories that give more options for games. As a result, we’ve added a slew of new stats for NBA and NFL. For NBA we’ve added stats like steals, blocks, turnovers, and combinations such as PRA (points+rebounds+assists), PR, PA, RA, and fantasy points (points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals and turnovers), as well as double doubles and triple doubles. These combination stats are complex to create but our data science team has figured out how to make them available. For the NFL, we added anytime touchdowns, sacks and interceptions.

We also added a slew of new categories to live in-play micro fantasy entries, such as PRA, PR, RA and fantasy points. Micro fantasy on HotStreak is an area where you especially find markets you can’t find elsewhere.

Search and Filtering

To improve navigation in the app, we added search and filtering for users to quickly and easily find their favorite players. Once you find your player, you can select from all the stats available for that player.  

Redeposit Bonus

We added a bonus for customers who redeposit their winnings to play again. This is a way to say “thank you” to customers for playing more with us.

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