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The daily fantasy and sports gaming industry has gone through massive changes in recent years. This includes the Supreme Court’s deregulation of gambling in 2018, the move to mobile, and most notably technology advances in AI, software and machine learning. And the sports betting industry has become a much more part of the larger sports industry.

HotStreak is part of these big changes.

But there isn’t much detailed information about the industry. As a result, there are a lot of misunderstandings about the how the industry works and the current state of the market.

In this space, we’ll be analyzing and explaining all of these changes.

We’ll be analyzing the daily fantasy and sports wagering industry broadly, focusing on the technology behind the industry. How does sports betting actually work and what is the technology that powers these products? We’ll be talking to experts in the sports betting industry as well as the broader sports industry. We’ll closely analyze the data, look at trends in sports that are affecting gambling and vice versa.

As software has eaten the world, the broader sports industry and the major professional sports leagues in the U.S. and globally are being transformed by technology. Individual teams have  invested heavily in technology in sports operations as well as their business, marketing and customer experience—as a key differentiator in winning games or improving the bottom line.

It’s now standard for professional player evaluators to assess talent and improve performance based on a wealth of data, predictive models and statistics—on everything from load management to shot selection to infield shifts. The days of scouts just selecting new players based on “gut feel” are gone—especially in certain sports like baseball.

The sports betting industry is also going through a major technology change—AI, machine learning and other advances in technology are bringing changes that will transform the market. This affects all parts of the business, including betting lines, odds, new betting markets, risk management, payments and more.

And the sports industry itself is involved in wagering more than ever before, making it a mainstream part of the business. Professional leagues are partnering with sports wagering companies in a variety of ways. And with the popularity of both fantasy sports and gambling, fans intense interest in player stats is larger than ever. Players notice as well.

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